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Video Artisan pride themselves on producing cost-effective video communication tools for business clients.  They understand their clients’ needs – and how to achieve their video production goals. This is why more and more businesses are using them for their video production needs.

These articles will keep you up to date with what’s been happening at Video Artisan.  Short stories, news updates and comments are published by the company’s founder, Kevin Cook.  Kevin has been in the professional video industry since 1985 and always aims to provide his clients with exceptional levels of customer satisfaction.  The company motto is, “Under promise and over deliver”.   At Video Artisan they always go that extra mile to provide an excellent product at a competitive price.

For further details

In conclusion, the areas of expertise include corporate video, company films and all professional video services.  Please contact Kevin Cook for further advice on this website – or call 020 83602 3356


Freelance Camera for business

Freelance Video Production Services

Freelance Video Production Services

We provide a wide range of freelance video production services to video production companies, agencies, videographers and client producers. We have extensive experience in various video production roles. This includes videographer, freelance camera operator, freelance video editor, lighting, sound recording, script writing and directing. We are happy to work in either a hands-on or a consultative capacity.

Furthermore, we can also work on a project-price basis and are happy to work as part of a creative team. Please click the link below for details on our rates and kit.

Kevin is one of the very few freelance cameramen / editors with NATO Secret Clearance. We work regularly with the British Armed Forces on their overseas and UK-based training exercises.

CLICK HERE – Rate Card

Freelance Services Freelance Video Production Services Video Artisan
Shooter for hire at Video Artisan

Collaborative Productions

Furthermore we are willing to consider collaborative projects and help produce video content with sell-through value and royalty-based returns. We are happy to discuss any potential projects under standard non-disclosure agreements.

Freelance Video Production Service… UK-wide, Europe-wide and World-wide Coverage

We are located right on the edge of Epping Forest, Essex and the East End of London. We are therefore only a few minutes from the M25 and the UK’s motorway network.  As a result Central London is within 30-minutes via Loughton’s Central Line Underground station. This is only a couple of miles from our edit suite and office.  We are also within easy reach of either Stansted, Heathrow, City of London and Luton Airports.   In addition we provide freelance video production services on short and long-term overseas projects.

Other Freelance Services

Please visit our dedicated section for details on our script and copy writing services, and the consultancy services we offer either manufacturers or dealers within the video production sector… Copy WritingConsultancy

Delivering VHS to DVD flyers

I’ve been killing two birds with one stone for the past week – 1/ Getting the message out locally about our VHS to DVD conversion services and, 2/ Getting some exercise in!  Delivering flyers has never been so beneficial.

VHS to DVD flyer
Save my legs – download your PDF copy by clicking the above

The flyers were printed by my dear friends at N2 Visual Communications, but all the setting out and wording was done by yours truly.  I know its not the most amazing piece of printed literature or wonderful prose, but it is to the point.  It’s great having the knowledge on how to prepare such a thing for print as it can save me a packet!  I’m also not adverse to doing this kind of thing for other companies too if you are in need.

Just to prove hand-delivered flyers still work, the phone started ringing almost immediately!  It’s not all VHS to DVD though as I’ve got standards conversions, DVD duplication, cine to video and editing work so far – and all within the local confines of Loughton, Debden, Buckhurst Hill, Woodford and Chigwell.  Essex is obviously in need of me!


Another morning filming in Central London

Filming in Central London is always a pleasure, but the morning of 13th July was a truly glorious day to have rescheduled the shoot for St James’s Church in Piccadilly.

A well-known landmark on London's Piccadilly - St James's Church
The perfect day to be shooting in Central London

Blue sky, the occasional fluffy cloud and not too hot – a far cry from the other days we had scheduled in to shoot this location.  It really was a fine day to be up on a roof shooting the guys from Eiger Safety doing a routine inspection of the clock tower they had recently helped renovate.

I’m sure the Eiger chaps have become a little complacent about the places they get to work in (or should I say “on”) – but for me its a real privilege. I’m sure they think I’m a little slow off the blocks when it comes to getting the filming job done but for the first few minutes I’m just gawking at the view.

Up on the roof at St James's Church Piccadilly
Going over the edge of St James’s Church clock tower

There’s only one filming location left on the Eiger project now – namely the guys working the chains on the Clifton Suspension Bridge at Bristol.  That’s coming up in a couple of weeks and, thankfully, I should be filming most of it from a cherry picker platform.  However, there’s also some talk of filming some of their fabrication works at the Force India F1 team works – which will be very interesting if it comes off.

Really looking forward to getting this on the edit suite – but equally hope that I’m soon back filming in Central London very soon!


New website section on VHS to DVD conversion


Having had a comparatively slow couple of days this week it has given me time to get a more detailed information page together on my VHS to DVD conversion services.

VHS to DVD conversion services
Mind out, your VHS machine might want to chew up your precious memories!!!

Though some conversions had already started filtering through from my original “passing mention” on my facilities page, I really wanted to get something more substantial together as VHS to DVD is one of those services that’s just getting bigger and bigger.  I’m also geared up for many other video and file conversions – and if I can’t do it myself I certainly know someone who can!

VHS to DVD disc
Convert your VHS to DVD before its too late

When I first got involved in the video business back in 1985 it was all Cine to Video conversions (which I can still do).  Over the years I’ve converted many thousands of feet of cine film, stacks of 35mm slides and just about every other form of redundant media to the current day media.  Whilst this has mainly been for the home market I’ve also carried out many conversions for businesses and local authorities.

We’ve now reached a point where people’s VHS machines are dying, tapes are breaking up and all those precious memories are at risk of being lost forever.  Whilst we were all led to believe that VHS recordings were going to last for hundreds of years the truth is that poor handling, storage and (most commonly) defective players can swiftly bring an end to the images and sound recorded on videotape.  Once lost there is very little you can do to bring them back – so getting them converted to DVD is a great way to archive them and enable today’s generation to enjoy the wonders of the past.

Get the low-down on our VHS to DVD services

See – not only am I a great videographer but I’m also a bit of a superhero too!!!  Contact me today for more details or simply check out the VHS to DVD section in the main menu above.  Please also contact me if you have any other conversion, duplication or specialist media requirements.

Video to DVD and MP4 video format conversions

Video to DVD

Are you looking for a great local Video to DVD or MP4 Conversion service? 

Videotape conversions carried out with care

Since VHS and other videotape players are disappearing fast, now is the perfect time to preserve your precious memories with our Video to DVD or MP4 conversion service. We can convert your videotapes to either DVD or MP4 quickly and at the highest quality to ensure your home videos and other important memories are digitally preserved for you and your family – and for generations to come. Common video transfer formats include VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, DV, MiniDV, DVCAM – and we can therefore pretty much any other format to another format of your choice.

Video to DVD Conversion service
Read on for details on our quality Video to DVD conversion services
Videotape to MP4 on USB sticks
Videotape to MP4 on USB sticks

Our video to MP4 conversions are supplied on USB stick. These can be played back directly on either modern TV sets, on computers and tablets, via media servers or in games consoles. USB sticks can also be easily copied and backed up without any specialist software.  Furthermore our MP4 files are also ready to be uploaded to YouTube so you can share your memories with family and friends around the world.  For more details on the benefits of videotape to MP4 see our blog entry here –

See below for pricing.

Pricing – Video to DVD

Our video to DVD service is simple, fast and so cost effective.  We make a direct copy of your videotapes to a single-layer recordable DVD – which can be played back in either your DVD player or on your computer. Each tape will be recorded to its own DVD and compressed according to the duration on the tape. (for further information please read our blog article here)

Cost for each tape converted 
1 to 2-hours = £15.00 (additional copies = £3.00 ea)
2 to 4-hours = £20.00 (additional copies = £3.50 ea)
4 to 8-hours (Long Play recordings) = £40.00 (additional copies = £5.00 ea)

Pricing – Video to MP4 on USB stick

Our videotape to MP4 on USB stick service is a really neat way to preserve your memories. We will digitise your videotapes and convert them to MP4 at the most effective compression ratio to maintain the original quality, and then supply them on our branded 16GB USB stick/s.  Each USB stick can contain up to 12-hrs of video* – enabling you to store many tapes in a very compact medium.   (For more information on video to MP4 please read our blog article here)  *Duration of video depends on the original quality. The example given is typical of VHS, 8mm, VHS-C and other standard definition videotape formats.  As a result High definition digital video formats will require more USB space.

Cost for each tape converted 
1 to 2-hours = £20.00 (additional copies = £10.00 ea)
2 to 4-hours = £30.00 (additional copies = £10.00 ea)
4 to 8-hours (Long Play recordings) = £60.00 (additional copies = £15.00 ea)

Drop off & collection

During normal office hours you can drop off your Video to DVD orders to our Loughton Studios in Clays Lane (see map here).  You can also drop off evenings and weekends to 174 Roding Road, Loughton, Essex IG10 3BS.  Please call first to ensure we are not out filming – 020 3602 3356.

We are ideally situated to serve the Loughton, Debden, Buckhurst Hill, Chigwell, Epping, Woodford, Chingford and Theydon Bois communities.  We are also served by the Central Line and very close to junction 26 of the M25 – therefore allowing us to serve the Essex and East London and Central London customer.

Mail Order

If you would rather, we are also happy to carry work out by mail order.  Please contact us for more details – 020 3602 3356.

Contact us now!

Kevin Cook F.Inst.V. (Hon.)
Tel: +44 (0) 203 602 3356 Mobile: +44 (0) 777 153 5692

Studio – Off Clays Lane, Loughton, Essex IG10 2SA – United Kingdom
Office – 174 Roding Road, Loughton, Essex IG10 3BS – United Kingdom

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Other formats and cine film conversions

We can also convert many other video, film, photo and slide formats – so it’s probably always worth giving us a call for a quotation!

Terms & Conditions of VHS to DVD or MP4 Conversion Service

1. We assume that you have full copyright clearance to instruct us to copy any materials on your behalf. We do however reserve the right to decline offering you this service if we believe copyright clearance probably has not been obtained or the material is in violation of any laws or could expose us to any private or public litigation.

2. Unless otherwise agreed, payment for any of these video transfer services is upon delivery of the completed works.

3. Any liability for the damage or loss of materials which occurs during the video transfer process will be limited to the replacement of the blank media, howsoever caused. We do not accept any liability for the contents within the recording.

4. Once we have supplied your DVD we will immediately delete this from our system. In conclusion any additional copies will therefore be charged at the full conversion rates listed above.

5. These special terms are in addition to our general terms and conditions of business are outlined here.