Cine Film and Slides to DVD

Please find below our prices for our standard Cine Film and Slides to DVD conversion services.  Your precious memories will be digitally converted to DVD so that you can enjoy them on your home entertainment system – quickly and conveniently.

We can also provide a premium service for extra special memories where your slides and cine film (8mm, Super8 and 16mm) frames are checked and cleaned prior to conversion.  Each cine film frame and slide are then individually scanned, colour corrected and retouched before digitally converted to DVD.  Please contact us for a quotation.

Please note, we can also provide free collection and deliver for clients within 2-miles of Loughton, Essex.  If you have an extensive collection of cine film or slides we would be happy to discuss bulk discount rates.  We can also offer extended services including music dubbing, DVD menu design and chaptering, bespoke case design and print.

Please feel free to contact us about any special requirements you might have.

Cine Film to DVD

Cine film to DVD
Re-liven your childhood memories with our cine to video conversion service

Standard and Super 8mm Cine film
(9.5mm and 16mm cine film by separate quotation)

£25 for first 100ft then £8 for every 50 foot thereafter.

Extra copies of DVD £7.00 each DVD (maximum 90 minutes per DVD)

35 mm Slides & Negatives to DVD

35mm slides to DVD
Convert your slides to DVD and watch them on your TV

£25 for first 20 slides then £0.65 for every slide thereafter.
Extra copies of DVD £7.00 each DVD (maximum 90 minutes per DVD)

Postage and Packaging

up to 500g £7.00
500g to 2kg £10.00
over 2kg £15.00

Note: A single DVD in jiffy bag weighs approximately 100g.  The above prices are for UK mainland only.