Freelance Video Production Services

Freelance Video Production Services

We provide a wide range of freelance video production services to video production companies, agencies, videographers and client producers. With extensive experience in various video production roles (including videographer, freelance camera operator, freelance video editor, lighting, sound recording, script writing and directing) we are happy to work in either a hands-on or a consultative capacity.

We can also work on a project-price basis and are happy to work as part of a creative team. Please click the link below for details on our rates and kit.

Kevin is one of the very few freelance cameramen / editors with NATO Secret Clearance and regularly works with the British Armed Forces on their overseas and UK-based training exercises.

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Collaborative Productions

We are willing to consider collaborative projects and help produce video content with sell-through value and royalty-based returns. We are happy to discuss any potential projects under standard non-disclosure agreements and are governed by the Institute of Videography’s code of practice.

Freelance Video Production Service… UK-wide, Europe-wide and World-wide Coverage

We are located right on the edge of Epping Forest, Essex and the East End of London and only a few minutes from the M25 and the UK’s motorway network.  Central London is within 30-minutes via Loughton’s Central Line Underground station which is only a couple of miles from our edit suite and office.  We are also within easy reach of Stansted, Heathrow, City of London and Luton Airports and are happy to provide freelance video production services on short and long-term overseas projects.

Other Freelance Services

For details on our script and copy writing services, and the consultancy services we offer manufacturers and dealers within the video production sector, please visit our dedicated website sections… Copy WritingConsultancy