Shooting Beaver

Wash your mind out you naughty person!!!

I’m off to Cardiff on Wednesday to shoot the opening of a new depot for Beaver84 – a leading supplier of scaffolding, fencing and groundworks products both for hire and sale.  I’m doing this one in conjunction with my associates at N2 Visual Communications who do Beaver84’s design, website, SEO, branding and print work (and now video production – through your’s truly!).

Beaver84 website - another great website from N2 Visual Communications

It’s not a massive job at the moment – a few GVs, shots of their stock and facilities plus interviews with staff and customers. A full day shoot – plus the post to get it all in shape for their website.  We’re all hopeful that it’s going to lead on to something more involved – and lots of it!

Also had a great meeting this week with the guys at N2 about other projects in the pipeline.  I’ve worked with this company for about 17-years as they were the printers we used for the IOV’s Focus magazine and provide an otherwise unknown level of customer care in the print and design industry (to me anyway).  I’ve done a fair bit of freelance writing for them on websites and brochures in the past – and also got involved in various video projects with them over the years.

N2 Visual Communications - brand development and augmentation

I’m going to be starting production on a short teaser video for them in a couple of weeks – and once this is done they’ll be pumping video production services out to their extensive client base.

PS.  Brilliant N2 logo by the way.  What mastermind came up with that concept??? : )


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