Shoot a Wedding Video… Me?

When I first launched Video Artisan I didn’t really expect to be asked to shoot a wedding video.  I have nothing against this avenue or work – and have total respect for those who can turn out a well crafted and original wedding video – but my eyes and creative desires are firmly fixed on my corporate and documentary work.  But as I often say to others… “never say never!”

And when the request comes from the boss (Mrs. C) it wasn’t really something I could say no to!  Having been invited to the wedding of one of her work colleagues (that of Clare & Tony) in Ibiza on 7th September we decided to make a short break of it and stay for the week in nearby Es Cana.  We hadn’t been back to Ibiza since our own honeymoon (nearly 20-years ago) so it was going to be a trip down memory lane for us too – as well as a fab place to celebrate the union of this lovely couple.

Clare and Tony Wedding Video
Fantastic couple – fantastic wedding video location

Anyhow, Mrs. C’s hints kept getting bigger and more frequent in the weeks leading up to the trip. “Are you taking your DSRL on holiday?”, “Don’t you think it might be nice to get some pictures, and maybe video of the trip?”  I knew where this was all heading and, to be honest, if it’s a “no pressure” deal and I can do what I like I actually enjoy making a wedding video for close friends and family.  I did warn them though that I’d not be shooting on a tripod and the final film would be less than 10-minutes.

The last wedding video I produced was for my nephew Paul and Louise – which included a performance of the BBC’s version of ‘Perfect Day‘ – and that was great fun to do.  As this was a small wedding, in a really cool location (check it out.. Pura Vida Beachclub & Restaurant, Playa Niu Blau. Just outside Santa Eulalia) I knew this was going to be fun too.

Anyhow – here’s the short.  The final DVD we gave them had an additional chapter which just had the uncut speeches on it.  I apologise now to anyone who can actually play the guitar as they will immediately spot from my opening cameo performance that I can’t! The music track just seemed to cry out for some visuals to link it all together.

Do you want a Wedding Video?

Would I shoot another one???  Everybody has their price!  There’s a whole load of work that goes into making these things professionally (and iron out the corners in the above).  If this had been a proper commission I’d have taken out a whole load of additional kit with me, along with another camera person and probably someone to do the inevitable running around that Mrs. C was doing on the day.  I’d also have spent more than a couple of days putting it together.

So – yes I would happily take on the right commission at a fair rate of pay – and what that is would depend on what the couple wanted.  If you are interested to know what your wedding video might cost please get in touch.