Media Simulation

Since 2013 I have been part of the freelance pool for UK-based, Media Simulation specialists, Crown Media. This is an extremely talented and specialist organisation that brings media-led impact to training exercises on every scale.

Working as part of a Media Simulation team

My work for them, as part of a seasoned team of TV, radio, print and social media journalists, is to create a constant stream of realistic media content during a training exercise. This helps to captivate the audience, set the exercise scene, and make the training exercises as near as possible to a real-life event for the training audience.

Media Simulation Freelance Camera Operator
Media Simulation work for Crown Media on a NATO naval exercise

Crown Media service a variety of clients across the UK and Europe with a particular focus on resilience and defence, but they are also nimble enough to create and deliver realistic media and social media landscapes scaled to smaller exercises for corporate customers of all sizes and specialisms. If you are trying to train a group of people with media-impact or social media in mind, or to stress test your organisation’s media resilience then Crown Media are the people to speak to.

For freelance rates and further information please visit here. This includes our rate card for Media Simulation assignments.