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Video Production by Video Artisan

Corporate Video and Promotional Video Production services

Based on the edge of Epping Forest in Loughton, Essex – Video Artisan is a creative corporate video production and team of freelance videographers with extensive experience in helping companies and organisations of all sizes take advantage of video.

Whether you are looking to harness the power of YouTube or website video to improve your search engine optimisation, or you want to develop a series of public information films – or create a one-off company film, Video Artisan has the skills, resources and creative talents to deliver an imaginative and cost-effective solution for your next company video.

We also offer a range of video facilities and services to businesses and members of the public.  This includes video conversions, editing and freelance video production services. Full members of the Guild of Television Camera Professionals.

We have also recently installed a new talking-head green screen studio. With in-built lighting, sound recording and autocue facilities we can quickly create stunning video content for your website.

Client & Production Credit List include
Air Products, Cimar, CAT Publications, NHS West Essex, NHS Newham, TATA Communications, Anibas, Robertson & Co., JVC Professional, NHS Balaam Street Surgery, Princess Alexandra Hospital, AKM Music, Crown Media, The MOD, Galliard Homes, Stylfile, Qualcomm, Hyper Recruitment Solutions, CAT Media, Supadance International, Beverley Stone, Spamhaus, Beaver84, GoRefCo, Eiger Safety, Sony Broadcast & Professional, N2 Visual Communications, Robert Dyas, Hanover Foundation, Picco Dolly, Hills Pet Foods, Maspalomas Princes Hotel, Marley, LaRoche, Olympus HiSpeed Tests, Distillers MG, Protean, Bradley Walsh, Wingit TV, Red Admiral, Boreham Media, Larry the London Bus, Double-Barrelled TV, Fernaux Avionics, Tolmink, Waltham Forest Social Services, SelClene, Europa Logistics, Ultimate Animates

Corporate Video for all

Video Artisan – the video production company of choice for your next business film or video media project. Click here for full details on our Corporate Video services.

For more information, please call today on +44 (0) 20 3602 3356. Here are just some of the services we can offer…

Promotional Video – Corporate Video Production – Web & YouTube video – Training Films – Product launch Promos – Event filming – Multi & Single-camera Conference Coverage – Video Blogging – Video Search Engine Optimisation – Format Conversions and Duplication – Freelance Videography – Freelance Cameraman – Freelance Editor.

Additional Services for Businesses & Consumers

For videotapes and cine films to USB or DVD visit our sister website Tapes2USB
Click on the image above to visit our sister website, Tapes2USB, for information on our videotape to USB or DVD Services

Video Conversions, Editing and Duplication

Please visit our dedicated website at www.Tapes2USB.co.uk

We offer a range of video conversion services.  This includes video to DVD or USB, videotape to MP4 file, VHS to DVD, VHS-C to DVD or USB, Video8/Hi8/Digital8 to DVD or USB, MiniDV camcorder to DVD or USB, Betamax to DVD or USB, Cine to DVD or USB, standards conversions and DVD duplication.

Video Production Blog

Video Production Blog Welcome

This video production blog will keep you up to date with video production news at Video Artisan.  It also includes lots of useful information for those looking to commission a corporate video.  You’ll learn about the strengths of video and how it can be used – and, in addition, how video can fit into your day-to-day marketing activities.

See the full blog archive here.

Furthermore, this blog page will also host reviews and how-to articles for those looking to create their own in-house business films.  Like any other video production blog, the Video Artisan blog’s aim is to engage with readers – so if you have either a comment or response please do share it here.  Please let me know if you have a story you’d like covered here and I will try to get it covered.