SEO Video for Business

We have just completed another short SEO video for a client – this time for Infinity Gazebos.

Not just one SEO Video

In fact, this ended up being five short SEO videos. This includes the full 60-second version shown here – plus four additional 30-second micro-films showcasing the key features of Infinity Gazebos’ Premium range. These SEO videos are being used by the client on their website, social media channels and digital marketing campaigns.

This is a great example of how we can provide exceptional value to clients through detailed briefing and efficient shooting and editing. This entire SEO video commission was completed in three days (budget information available on request) – with filming finished in just a few hours.

Why SEO video works

As a completely new start-up business, Infinity Gazebos were advised by their website developers and marketing consultants of the value of commissioning SEO video content. Hosting these videos on their YouTube channel enabled greater coverage on Google search results. Additionally, each micro-film will be used in future social media advertising campaigns to further increase brand awareness and website traffic.

SEO Video for websites
Infinity website

On a more practical level, the additional micro-films were created to give their customers a greater appreciation of the moving-parts of the gazebos. Whilst there are plenty of competitor products on the market, the vast majority rely purely on still imagery to demonstrate their range. The key features of Infinity Gazebos is their mechanised features which are far better demonstrated using video.

This is a major advantage of video. If your product moves – it’s best demonstrated using video. Likewise, if your business is about people and personalities, still images simply can’t compete with the impactful qualities of the sight and sounds of SEO video.

The Micro-Films

Integrated Roof Lighting

Automated Roof System

Automated Sensor Technology

Fabric Side and Front Panels

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