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There’s an echo in here!

Two things started today.

1 – The moving around of desks and tech to make way for the decorator’s brushes.

2 – The first few emails with questions from the new IOV admin team about things we couldn’t possibly have covered in a single day’s training.

The latter will go on for some time I think – and they’ll get our full support to ensure a smooth handover and “business as usual” from the IOV.

I know this might seem sad, but the decorating bit is something I’m looking forward to and I’ve been scanning the Internet looking at examples of edit suites that I like the look of.  I think I have a pretty good picture in mind now.

In the meantime, here’s the pics of the offices as they looked before the IOV exit (top row) and after the clear out.  There were also a load of archives stored in our loft area which are now residing up in Stoke-on-Trent.


17-years in the back of a transit

I must admit, when Sarah and Matt from the new admin company turned up this morning in a transit-sized van to collect all the files, archives and stores belonging to the IOV – I thought it looked well big enough. By the time they left it was rammed to the rafters – without any exageration!

After several hours introduction to the basics, they were on their way. I wish them all the very best for the future. Whilst they have their work cut out I also know they are entering really exciting times.

Meanwhile for me its goodbye IOV and hello VideoArtisan!


Big day on Monday – the IOV extraction

Sarah and Matt from the IOV’s new admin team are coming to my office tomorrow for their handover training and to take away all the IOV’s files, archives, exhibition kit and 17-years worth of odds and ends.

It is amazing how much “stuff” has been accumulated over this period of time. They are bringing down a transit-sized van – which I hope is big enough!

I’ve now got to the point of really looking forward to having the space back again and converting it into a really cool edit suite.  Will keep you posted on the opening party!


Friday…. and beer o’clock is fast approaching

Monday morning used to be my favourite time of the week until I discovered the amazing health and healing properties of beer!

Looking forward to a night out with my old school buddies tonight where we are celebrating the birthday of one of our old teachers… bless her!  She’s a bit doddery now, and struggles hearing all the conversation, but she can still drink her way through Russia’s entire Vodka crop in one sitting.  Long live Miss Clitheroe.


Cookie’s last stand – new IOV Admin in within the week

Whilst the paper version is still whizzing its way through the printing press, the electronic version of Focus hit the screens yesterday evening (to members and subscribers only).  In it I reveal that this was my last edition as editor – and that the new admin team for the IOV (and new magazine publishers) will be introduced to you at BVE.

The migration to the new IOV Admin team, headed by Sarah Kilgariff of SK Business Support (you can do your research here –, will actually be starting on Monday and should be pretty much complete by next Friday.  By then I’m going to be officially “out of office”.   Woo hoo!