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Eiger Safety promotional video wins video of the month

I was really pleased to hear that one of my promotional videos for Eiger Safety has won the IOV’s ‘Video of the Month’ (VOTM) competition in May 2013.

The full story behind this film, and other promotional videos, was the subject of a previous blog. Since then I’ve also been shooting a longer form documentary about the company which will be launched later this year alongside a new website which Eiger Safety are producing.

The quality and range of entries for the IOV’s VOTM has been quite extensive since it was first launched back in January this year.  As there are no rules as to content my Eiger Safety film would have been up against all manner of entries from within the IOV’s membership.  And this would not have been restricted to just promotional videos – but also wedding films, documentaries, event coverage and just about every other avenue of work that the IOV membership is involved in.

I think VOTM is a great idea (well done John De Rienzo for getting it off the ground). It gives producers of promotional videos like myself (and other types of producers) a regular means to promote and measure their work.  There’s also a nice little cash prize in it which helps cover those small kit impulse purchases that I seem to be making quite frequently these days.

Not just promotional videos

There’s more to come from Eiger Safety as MD, Paul Jaffe, is planning a charity fund raising attempt at climbing the north face of the Eiger in 2014 and has asked me to make a film about it.  I must quickly add that this will not involve me making the climb myself but rather Paul’s preparations and training.  We are also talking about me filming the start of the climb and his final approach to the summit – so it will involve some altitude work and no doubt some spectacular scenery.

Eiger Safety on the chains at Clifton Suspension Bridge
You have to be comfortable at height to do this – believe me!

When you produce a promotional videos for companies you never know where things might lead to.  However, I never expected to be strapped in harnesses, abseiling or thinking about filming someone climbing the north face of the Eiger.