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Media Archiving for Business

Are you looking for Media Archiving services in Essex? Look no further than Video Artisan. We are a specialist provider of video format conversion services throughout Essex and East London region. Media Archiving is what we are all about!

Furthermore, we can convert your videotapes to DVD or MP4 quickly and at the highest quality. Maybe you want to convert your old films or videotapes to a YouTube friendly format? Therefore Video Artisan has the skills, resources and expertise to convert all of the common formats to a more up-to-date system for your pleasure.

Media Archiving Location

Our location is perfect for servicing London, Essex, Harlow and South Eastern England with London Underground connections, the M25 and Stansted Airport very close to our studio edit facilities on the edge of Epping Forest.

In addition, we offer freelance camera operator and video editing services to client producers, agencies and other video production companies. With various cameras, lenses, camera mount systems, rails, sliders, dollies, lighting and sound kit we can cater for most video assignments.

Media Archiving for Business

Media Archiving for Business
A short guide to Media Archiving for Businesses of all sizes

Do you have videotapes, slides, photos and other media taking up too much valuable space in your business premises? This short article reveals how Video Artisan can help save you space, money and even re-purpose this media with our various media archiving services. You never know – there might even be ways you could start to make your media archive pay!

Media Archiving – part of your Spring Cleaning

We’re not quite there yet, but many businesses will be thinking of spring cleaning their premises in an attempt to de-clutter and claim back some of their valuable office, filing and storage space. In many cases, a fair proportion of that space is being filled with bulky, and hard to access, media. But before you start to throw away old videotapes, cassettes, films, negatives, slides etc. – do you really know what’s on them? Do you still have the machines to play them back or display them – without damaging their contents? It’s probably time you started to look at the various benefits of media archiving.

At Video Artisan we help businesses with their media archiving by converting pretty much any analogue media into virtually footprint-less digital files which can be easily accessed, indexed and saved to a multitude of digital storage solutions. Today, a single USB stick could contain several filing cabinets worth of high resolution photos, negatives and/or slides!

Comparative Media Source
USB size and the approx. amount of JPG images they can store
High quality 6×4 colour photos
High quality A4 colour photos

Note: A detailed megapixel calculation chart can be found on the Sandisk website here.

Video and film media archiving is more data hungry, but you can still store many hours of digital video footage on a single USB stick. For instance, an 8GB USB stick could contain up to 6-hours of standard definition video (for details on our basic video to USB stick service here)

These files could of course be stored on local servers or in the cloud and simply copied off when needed. However, for businesses and organisations with extensive media archives, that need to be accessed and utilised frequently, digitised media can also be incorporated into highly sophisticated digital asset management systems. In this instance Video Artisan can help by providing you with a digitisation service to get your files ready for media archiving – or manage the entire process for you.

Media Archiving for Profit

All businesses have a story to tell – some going back generations – but much of this valuable marketing material can be trapped in old photos, negatives, slides, film or video. Using these within your marketing can be extremely valuable in helping you to position your business as being established and trusted.

Businesses often struggle to find interesting and engaging content to share on social media platforms and your old media archive might not be just interesting to you and those within your business. Properly described and tagged images – including information about dates, location, people and contents featured within the media – could be of great interest to a much wider audience than your brand is presently exposed to. Who knows, you might have something in your media archives which has ‘viral’ potential!

Sharing your media archives even wider might also generate hard currency. Image database websites, such as Shutterstock enable you to freely upload your images and make them available to others to licence and use – on a fee-paying basis. When creative agencies, designers or publishers are trying to portray a specific period in history they will often rely heavily on finding images within these libraries to help them achieve this – and will pay handsomely for their use.


Whilst there are limitations, old and damaged media can also be digitised and restored to their original quality – and sometimes even improved upon. Torn, scratched or heat/moisture damaged items can also be painstakingly touched up and made useful again – whether purely for posterity or to be re-purposed within your business. Whilst this can be an expensive process (price on application), for the right image and the right application you might be able to re-liven an irreplaceable piece of history.

Media Archiving Restoration
Bringing images back to life

Start Media Archiving today

To find out how you can start your own media archiving, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help bring your media into the 21st Century.

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