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Video Sponsorship

Are you looking for Video Sponsorship services in Essex? Look no further than Video Artisan. We are a specialist provider of business video services throughout Essex and East London region. Video Sponsorship is what we are all about!

Furthermore, are looking to harness the power of YouTube or website video to improve your search engine optimisation? Maybe you want to develop a series of public information films – or create a one-off company film? Therefore Video Artisan has the skills, resources and creative talents to deliver an imaginative and cost-effective solution for your next company video.

Video Sponsorship Location

Our location is perfect for servicing London, Essex, Harlow and South Eastern England with London Underground connections, the M25 and Stansted Airport very close to our studio edit facilities on the edge of Epping Forest.

In addition, we offer freelance camera operator and video editing services to client producers, agencies and other video production companies. With various cameras, lenses, camera mount systems, rails, sliders, dollies, lighting and sound kit we can cater for most video assignments.

The benefits of Video Sponsorship

Video Sponsorship title
Making your brand seen where it needs to be

Considering video sponsorship?

Are there events or other media-worthy subjects associated with your business that could be captured on video which your customers would be hungry to see? If there are, then video sponsorship might just be the perfect opportunity for you to get your brand in front of exactly the right audience.

The opportunities for video sponsorship are manifold – and the general public’s appetite for more and more online video content is ever increasing. Regardless of their interests (be that in a sport, activity, location, profession, art or craft or a regular calendar event), the chances are there will be a video on YouTube about it. However, very few of these videos are professionally produced and sponsored or commissioned by a business.

The benefits of video sponsorship

Producing the right kind of content will attract the right kind of audience, and through proper indexing, tagging and social media syndication these audiences can often be extremely large. Searching YouTube under any given subject (and listing the results by ‘most viewed’) will show you that even the most obscure of subjects can attract many tens of thousands of views. Now imagine that each of those viewers had been exposed to your brand.

Always hungry for video content, viewers will develop a stronger affinity to your brand and a greater understanding of what your business can offer them. In addition, sharing your sponsored video with your existing client base will help nurture customer loyalty and, at the same time, give you additional video content on your website to augment your video SEO activities and raise your search engine profile.

Ideas for video sponsorship

You’ve probably got a good idea what type of content would be good to hang your brand on, but here are some specific areas of video sponsorship which might be right for you…

Sharing Information and Specialist Knowledge
Films or documentaries which impart specialist or valuable knowledge present a great opportunity for video sponsorship and will help you present your brand in a positive way. Teaching the viewer how to do something better, more economically, more safely or by alternative means will naturally achieve traction if shared and syndicated through the right channels.

Specialist Knowlege
Winning customers by sharing specialist knowledge

Video sponsorship for local business
If your business is location-based, and you are trying to build a greater awareness amongst customers within that area, then the opportunities are probably endless… Documentaries about local festivals, tourist attractions, amenities, history… in fact any subject matter which is going to be of interest to the local community. Video sponsorship of this kind of content will certainly help put you on the map and demonstrate a commitment to serving the local population.

Sports and Competitive event video sponsorship
If you produce products or services that have a connection to competitive events then video sponsorship is a great way to raise your profile. This could be a sports event, an art or craft awards scheme – or any other event which had a competitive element. With competitive events you have the added bonus that your brand will be associated with success, especially if there’s an opportunity to include participant endorsements.

Winning line-up
Put yourself amongst the winners with video sponsorship

The cost of video sponsorship

Whilst video is seen as an expensive medium the costs are quite comparative to other mainstream media platforms. The secret is to keep production costs in-line with the potential returns you’ll gain from greater brand awareness. The simplest ideas are usually the best and, thankfully, often the cheapest. Whilst each commission will need to be assessed and priced independently, Video Artisan has produced sponsored event documentaries from as little as £1,500 – but we could equally envisage working on projects with a much lower video production budget.

If you have a video sponsorship idea that you’d like to develop, please give us a call to explore how we could help make it a reality – 020 3602 3356.

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