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Happy Feet promotional video

I completed my first day of filming for the Supadance promotional video last week – the world’s leading manufacturer of dance shoes for Ballroom, Latin, Salsa and Argentine Tango.  They have an amazing range of ladies, gents and children’s shoes for professionals, amateurs and social dancers alike.  I have to admit I was gob-smacked at the volume of sales this company processes from their warehouse in Buckhurst Hill, Essex – which are shipped to every corner of the world.

My second day filming is this Thursday at their factory in Loughton – which is about a mile from my studio.  I have already carried out my recce and its going to take a full day to do justice to the process which sees raw materials in at one end of the factory and completed shoes out the other.

Supadance are very proud of their ‘Made in the UK’ heritage and the quality and reputation of their shoes – which is something I’ve got to illustrate within a couple of minutes on video.

Its great to be working with such a successful company.  I’m really looking forward to getting this one into the edit suite!


Inspiration for the next April Fool

There were some really naff April Fools pranks going about as usual yesterday – but some really great ones too.  With the advent of high speed Internet connection there’s been many great examples of April Fool Videos over recent years so I’ve picked out some of the best of the best for your entertainment below.  These videos all went BIG TIME VIRAL.







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IOV – They came, they talked, they ate my biscuits!

Had a great night last night at our studio warming party for local IOV members.  15 videographers in total – and the evening carried on at the Gardeners Arms, Loughton once they’d had enough of my tea, coffee and biscuits.   Would have got a picture of the gathering but I was too busy talking – so you’ll have to make do with a picture of the aftermath.

Hope to do some more of these this year and help Cheema (local IOV Rep) build up our area.  There’s a lot of local talent and we should all be networking a little more often.

This begs a question – if a gathering of biscuits is called a packet, what’s a gathering of videographers called?


Another one in the bag!

Had confirmation about an hour ago that I’ve picked up another corporate video – with filming starting next Thursday.  Can’t say too much at the moment but its another challenging one – this time taking me into the world of dance!

Will give you a more detailed update once shooting has started. But in the meantime, this is the smile it brought to my face…


Stock footage sale

Out of the blue I was approached by a Japanese company last week wanting to licence my footage of Woody (our cat) pouncing after some string whilst I filmed him at 2,000 frames per second using the Olympus iSPEED high-speed camera.  This was just some test footage for a review I was writing for Focus at the time.

Hi-Speed tests from Kevin Cook on Vimeo.

Anyway, after some negotiation it seems we have come to agreement on the deal, so from April onwards viewers of one of NHK’s channels (Japan’s national broadcaster) will be seeing Woody in action as a kitten as part of one of their channel idents.

A nice little surprise – and good to know we have a cat who is going to pay for his keep for a couple of years at least.  The only down side is that he’s been unbearable since he found out the news. Woody – take that smile off your face!