Stock footage sale

Out of the blue I was approached by a Japanese company last week wanting to licence my footage of Woody (our cat) pouncing after some string whilst I filmed him at 2,000 frames per second using the Olympus iSPEED high-speed camera.  This was just some test footage for a review I was writing for Focus at the time.

Hi-Speed tests from Kevin Cook on Vimeo.

Anyway, after some negotiation it seems we have come to agreement on the deal, so from April onwards viewers of one of NHK’s channels (Japan’s national broadcaster) will be seeing Woody in action as a kitten as part of one of their channel idents.

A nice little surprise – and good to know we have a cat who is going to pay for his keep for a couple of years at least.  The only down side is that he’s been unbearable since he found out the news. Woody – take that smile off your face!