Move over bees!

I’ve had a busy morning creating a new website for my beekeeping stuff –

I’ve owned that URL for some time now hoping one day to have enough time to make some short films about honey bees and beekeeping in general.  One of the original motivations for this was to right some of the awful wrongs that were spread by Disney’s rather stupid Bee Movie.  I know it was a kid’s film – but it was factually wrong from start to finish.  : )

This was part of my masterplan for when I finally escaped from the IOV.  Whether this actually transpires is another story as my Video Artisan work is building up quite nicely – but at least I now have a place to put all the bee stuff that was ending up on this blog.  I also hope the new site will inspire others to keep bees too.

Anyway – this blog can now concentrate on the video stuff – unless of course the two worlds crash into each other!


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