Alaska in an RV

For those of you with about 40-mins on their hands, and a sick and unusual interest in other people’s holiday movies, I’ve just come across the film I made back in 2003 documenting our trip to Alaska in my in-law’s RV (AKA ‘Winnebago’ or to us Brits – ‘Big Camper Van’).

RV Alaska from Kevin Cook on Vimeo.

This trip was taken in June – which is their summertime too.  Whilst we was there the temperature was lovely, rising up to around +25 degrees centigrade on the warmest days.  We have also been there at the end of their winter and experienced the other side to Alaska’s temperature range (our coldest day on that trip was -25 centigrade).  Their political capital (Juno) is roughly on the same latitude as Glasgow – and its only the warming effects of the Atlantic Conveyor Belt that keeps our temperatures here so moderate.

If you ever get the opportunity to go there – don’t miss it!  Its an amazing part of the world.


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