Monday – or is it Moan-day?!

Had a great weekend and looking forward to an even better week this week.  But its not like this for everyone apparently.

I know us Brits can be masters of the understatement but some of us really do need an injection of positive thinking.  Just got off the phone to one of my colleagues and it was one sob story after another.  Nothing was going right for them – and it was everyone else’s fault.

We can all look at the negative side of things but where does that get us? I was supposed to be filming at Claridge’s this afternoon but it was cancelled late last night by the client due to circumstances beyond their control.  I was also supposed to be spending a day out on Wednesday with this client checking out locations – but they have had to cancelled that too for the same reason.  However, soon after this call I had another booking me for three days in April, followed by an email for a job in Central London for tomorrow morning (which I can’t do – but glad I had the enquiry) and another conversation with a client that might lead to a day’s filming on Wednesday.  The spare time today also allowed me to finish of another proposal which is now sitting with the client waiting their reply.

Hey ho!  As one door closes another one seems to open at the moment.


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