Watching paint dry

Filmed the Eiger Safety ( abseiling crew doing their thing at the Science Museum last night – this time with a paint brush in their hand dangling on ropes in a lift shaft.

These guys are seriously fit – and I don’t mean good looking!  Whilst it might look like they are just hanging around, there’s a fair bit of exertion in keeping yourself hanging in the right place so you can do the job you’re supposed to be doing.


This was the first filming session of many for Eiger Safety.  We’re going to be filming at Claridge’s on Monday – and we’ll then be doing a recce on another load of London locations on Wednesday.

I could get used to this corporate film making malarkey!

PS.  If anyone has a good mouse killing cat they don’t want they should get in touch with the museum.  As soon as the punters were chucked out the museum came alive with mice – which seemed to appear from every crack and crevice.