All my bags are packed…

No, I’ve not gone all John Denver on you, I’ve just got everything together for my first corporate filming day tomorrow.

When I say “day” I actually mean night as I’ll be filming an abseiling company working in a stair well at the Science Museum.  Things obviously have to be done at night when the museum is closed to the public.  Hey – that sounds like a great plot for a film come to think of it!

Have a meeting with the MD beforehand to go through some of the other “challenging” locations we’ll be filming and photographing over the coming weeks (the roof on Oxford’s Christchurch Cathedral and the Clifton Suspension Bridge – to name but two).

Its a great one to get under my belt and the company (Eiger Safety – are a great bunch of guys who are extremely talented and brave.  They are no strangers to the world of film/tv production either as they do a lot of the high-level risk work for the UK-based film studios (Harry Potter included).

Will keep you all updated on the progress on this one.  And before anyone says it, I won’t look down!


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