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1st commission sorted

Great end to the week with my first corporate video in the bag!  I don’t want to give too much away at the moment but its lucky that I have a reasonable head for heights.  Start shooting week after next.

Spent most of this week mining for data – and I think I now have a reasonable database of the businesses local to me.  Going to start hitting them next week so they know there’s a new (well OK “old”) kid in town.


My first proper POETS day

This has been my first full week since going solo and I think I deserve an early exit.  10 major things achieved since Monday…

1 – Local district council, surrounding town councils and town centre partnerships know there’s a new kid in town.

2 – Negotiated my first regular paid-for blogging job – and will start this from March onwards (I’ll let you know when that starts and what its all about very soon).

3 – Produced an audition piece for an international online publication which has a readership of 250,000 – and the first impressions were good.

4 – Contacted nearly all of my past corporate video clients and let them know Cookie is back (I told them I would be!).

5 – Created ‘Kev’s Shed’ channel on Vimeo ( and made a couple of videos to kick it off.  Also created a new Kev’s Shed category for this blog.

6 – Had a meet with my local “friendly” competition and explored areas where we can cooperate on future projects.

7 – Booked in for local Chamber of Commerce exhibition next week – and might even take a stand!!!

8 – Arranged an open evening here at the studio for all the local IOV members – for which there’s been a great response.

9 – Got my website listed on tons of free directory sites so that I now come up somewhere in the top ten for all the search strings I think I need.

10 – Established the most efficient Edius workflow for editing footage shot on the 550D and for spitting it back out in H264 for online delivery.

Like I said – I deserve a early exit.  Hope you all have a good one.


Oh how things have changed!

Found some old photos from back in the 80s!  Our 3-machine lo-band U-matic edit suite and JVC BY110 3 tube camera.  Those were the days!  Well actually those were not the days as the technology today is sooooo much better.

Tiff will not thank me for the above photo – but it doesn’t only show how far things have come in terms of video technology.  All the tech you can see in this shot is now contained within one card inside a PC.

They also don’t make glasses like that any more – not unless you are a snooker player and you are wearing them upside down!


Thinking of having a corporate video produced?… think Video Artisan!

This has been my challenge so far this week – and I have to admit I’m quite proud of my achievements in a relatively short period of time.  Search engine visibility up, entered into all manner of online directories (and attracted the attention of some ad salesmen too!!!) and an networking night sorted here at the edit suite for 29th March!

But the funniest thing by far was sending out an unsolicited email to my local council only to find that one of my dearest friends has just starter her new job working for the head of PR.  They do say its not what you know but who you know!