My first proper POETS day

This has been my first full week since going solo and I think I deserve an early exit.  10 major things achieved since Monday…

1 – Local district council, surrounding town councils and town centre partnerships know there’s a new kid in town.

2 – Negotiated my first regular paid-for blogging job – and will start this from March onwards (I’ll let you know when that starts and what its all about very soon).

3 – Produced an audition piece for an international online publication which has a readership of 250,000 – and the first impressions were good.

4 – Contacted nearly all of my past corporate video clients and let them know Cookie is back (I told them I would be!).

5 – Created ‘Kev’s Shed’ channel on Vimeo ( and made a couple of videos to kick it off.  Also created a new Kev’s Shed category for this blog.

6 – Had a meet with my local “friendly” competition and explored areas where we can cooperate on future projects.

7 – Booked in for local Chamber of Commerce exhibition next week – and might even take a stand!!!

8 – Arranged an open evening here at the studio for all the local IOV members – for which there’s been a great response.

9 – Got my website listed on tons of free directory sites so that I now come up somewhere in the top ten for all the search strings I think I need.

10 – Established the most efficient Edius workflow for editing footage shot on the 550D and for spitting it back out in H264 for online delivery.

Like I said – I deserve a early exit.  Hope you all have a good one.


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