Freelance writing…. me?

Ever since moving on from my role as editor of the IOV’s Focus magazine I’ve continued to make a fair proportion of my living from freelance writing services. Only this week I’ve had an article published in the new RedShark online magazine on the rising opportunities in video production.

Freelance writer for RedShark online magazine
Sweet Spot – a short article on the opportunities within video production

I’m in no way holding myself up as some kind of modern day Shakespeare – or indeed someone who knows all the finite rules of grammar, punctuation and spelling – but I do like to think I can communicate on subjects that I have some knowledge of or an opinion about.  I also think I can ingest new information and spit it back out on the page in an understandable format which the layman can understand.

I’ll not share the silly sod’s name, but my old English teacher would be dumbfounded to discover that one of his most disappointing pupils makes even part of his living through the written word.  He got so despondent with me in the end that his advice was that it wasn’t worth me taking my GSCE English exam. Oh well – you can’t be right all of the time sir!

35-years on and the freelance writing opportunities still keep coming in.  Today I’ve submitted a short piece for DVuser magazine who have asked me to be the guest editor on their next edition.  I’ve also been submitting content and photography for Focus magazine since my departure which has found favour with its new editor – albeit that this was on an old-times-sake voluntary basis.

Freelance writing for Focus magazine
Reviews and Articles for the IOV’s Focus Magazine

My penning talents are not just limited to reviews and articles though.  Where I think I shine best is on freelance writing commissions for video scripts, website copy, brochure content and other promotional literature.  It doesn’t have to be connected to video either as in recent months I’ve found myself writing on a hugely diverse range of subjects – including abseiling, ballroom dancing and beekeeping.

Go on – try me out on your next freelance writing challenge and see if I can give you some words of wisdom.