Google AdWords for Video by Video Artisan

They do say that you should put your money where your mouth is – so this week I’ve been doing just that and created a couple of Video Artisan video commercials to use on our Google AdWords for Video campaign.

The original Google Ads took off like a rocket when they were first launched and still attract an enormous amount of revenue for Google.  Why??? – Because they work – simples!  Google is mankind’s chosen way to search the Internet so what better place to invest a sizeable chunk of your marketing spend?  People don’t say, “Look for it on the Internet with a Search Engine”  They simply say, “Google it!”

Well… Google advertising is now so much more appealing with the introduction of Google AdWords for video.  Video is much, much more engaging than standard text ads, static banners or even animated banners.  With a video ad you can make them laugh, cry, inform and educate them and more effectively motivate your audience in the direction your want them to go.  Combine this with the ability to target and serve your video content to specific socio-economic, geographic, gender, age and interest groups and this is surely the best marketing tool to be introduced since the Internet itself.

You can define budgets with click-rates and daily-spend levels, easily pause and schedule campaigns, embed and edit directed links – and combined with Google Analytics and you’ve got something which is totally traceable and accountable – which will keep those bean-counters happy too! : )

Google AdWords for video
See what Google AdWords for video is all about (image copyright of Google)

Video Artisan and Google AdWords for video

Google AdWords for video is also pretty good news for us here at Video Artisan.  We are helping our clients to create compelling, well-crafted video commercials and content that will help them profit from this marketing activity.  We also help with working through the often confusing set-up on YouTube and Google to ensure their video content is linked up properly and working in conjunction with their social networking efforts.

Whilst we have purely selfish reasons for creating our own video commercials and set up a Google AdWords for Video campaign – the other reason for doing so is to allow us to demonstrate just how simple these video commercials can be.

Here’s a little background on the two video commercials we created this week…

Video Artisan Promo Video

With an ever-widening body of work under our belt since our launch in February this year I thought it was time to showcase the range of productions we’ve produced and worked on.  It doesn’t include everything we’ve done but it does hopefully, in a little over 60-seconds, give the viewer an understanding of what Video Artisan can deliver.

Video to DVD Commercial

We seem to be doing more and more videotape and digital video conversions and copying here these days – much of which is made up of VHS to DVD conversions.  We don’t profess to be the cheapest but we do offer businesses and members of the public a quality service topped off with a bit of traditional customer care.  We aim to be a company that customers enjoy doing business with.  This 21-second teaser is meant to represent the state of mind of most of our customers who find themselves with VHS tapes everywhere and nothing to play them back on. (Contact us to find our just how cost-effective this type of video commercial would be to produce!!!)

Get moving with your Google AdWords for video campaign

Video content is and always will be king – and it’s the first thing that you are going to need in place to start tapping into this fantastic marketing resource.  You may already have suitable video content so it could be just a case of getting it properly and smartly converted for YouTube delivery – which is something we are happy to do for you at our Loughton studios (just on the edge of Essex and East London).

We can also take your existing content and edit it into perfect shape for Google AdWords for Video.  Or better still let us create some completely new, original and engaging video content for you. Our script-to-screen service is not going to cost as much as you might think!

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you to start capitalising from Google AdWords for Video.