My best and worst work so far.

I think I must be one of those idiot savants!

Having spent a good few days building a database of contacts for all my local businesses, and then writing one of the most creative and imaginative introductory letters that I have ever read (even if I say so myself!) – I discover after sending them all out that I got one digit wrong on my mobile number.  Even though the letter included my correct land-line number, email and website – I still feel like a proper numpty!

Having said that – the letter has resulted in no less than three corporate video enquiries so far – and it only landed yesterday!  Two are for local businesses and the other for one of our local council offices.  I’m so pleased I’ve almost already forgiven myself for my stupidity.

Anyone reading this who got that letter and failed to get me on my mobile, it should have been 0777 153 5692.


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