Rain stops video production progress

Whilst the weather was kind to us this week for the Eden Project shoot for Eiger Safety it wasn’t the same story for the Clifton Suspension Bridge or Christchurch Cathedral, Oxford.  This was a pain – but hey ho, Ben Hur wasn’t shot in a day either!

Though far from its busiest time of the year it was interesting to see everything coming to life outdoors at the Eden Project.  Most of the filming was on the testing of the man-safe systems on outside roof structures (both metal and “green” roof systems) and I think I got my first slight suntan of the year.

We also had to film the systems installed inside of the upper reaches of the main biosphere – which was roasting hot and extremely humid. Climbing up the steps with all the kit is hard enough in those conditions but it got a whole lot more difficult at the top as we had to climb over the safety barrier, latch on, and clamber round the narrow ledges at the top of the rain forest.  It took the camera about 20-mins to acclimatise and stop misting up – but I eventually got the shots I needed.

The following day we headed off to Bristol but with little hope of getting up on the bridge after having listened to the weather forecast.  And as suspected, with occasional showers and a bluster of wind every now and then, the Bridge Master said that the conditions were not good enough.  We did however take the opportunity to walk the bridge and talk about the shots I’d be able to get of the guys checking out the latch-way systems that run the complete length of the chains.  We also managed to shoot a long establishing shot of the entire span.

I have to admit, having stood next to the bridge I’m really glad the decision to scrub came.  Though I don’t need to get out on the chains themselves it is still going to be pretty hairy climbing the ladders and filming out of the chain holes and from up on the roof.  Conditions are going to have to be near perfect for video production work!

With another trip to Clifton needed in a week or so it seemed only logical to scrub our visit to Christchurch Cathedral too.  The view from the cathedral roof is supposed to be so breathtaking and having nice weather is going to be a real bonus.

I never like to abandon shoot – but at least its given me time to get the first draft of the Supadance video completed.


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