Another team building video assignment

Team building video title
Find out why you need a team building video exercise at your next event

Another team building video assignment

We completed another M&IT Agency Challenge film this week for CAT Publications, at which delegates carry out a team building video exercise consisting of them producing a short promo on one of the presentations held throughout the day.

The whole Video Artisan service includes supplying video shooting kits for the team building video exercises and then editing each team’s film on site – and finally screening the results at the end of the day. In addition, our crew also shoot a background documentary on the event, which includes coverage of the other team building activities and presentations – plus interviews with delegates and sponsors. Not only does this serve as a great documentary of the day but it also acts as a great promotional tool for future events. As with all video content, this will also add to your general search engine visibility.

Team building video activities are beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, delegates have to take special care to listen to each presentation as they’ll be expected to know the subjects well in order to produce their film. Secondly, the time restraints placed on them means they have to quickly come up with ideas and work out how they are going to shoot their films and how they are going to be put them together – never losing sight of the fact that they have a story to tell. This helps to develop their leadership skills, their creative thinking and their ability to deliver a product as a team. Thirdly, shooting films is fun, and nothing aids the process of learning as having fun. And of course, the resultant film will act as a permanent reminder of things they have learned.

Team building video Shooting
Team building video exercises make the message stick!

The M&IT Agency Challenge events are certainly a great example of how team building video exercises fit within a learning programme. This is now the third event we have covered for CAT Publications and the feedback from the delegates would suggest that the team building video exercise is an important and enjoyable part of the event.

If your organisation is looking for something new, exciting and adaptable for your next training or presentation event, then we’d be very pleased to talk you through the process of introducing a team building video exercise.