Winning the IOV’s Video of the Month – again!

VOTM Nipper Clipper
Guess who has won Video of the Month again?

This is the first time I’ve had a chance to share the news about winning the IOV’s ‘Video of the Month’ competition for December 2013.  This competition is run every month by the Institute of Videography and is open to its members who can submit any film, on any subject, from which the IOV’s Executive Committee select one as the winner.

Our winning entry for Video of the Month in December was a video diary produced for Stylfile on their amazing Nipper Clipper product which was having its first ever public exhibition at the Baby Show 2013 – Olympia.  See previous blog here. The video diary is presented by 2011 BBC Apprentice winner, Tom Pellereau – inventor of the Nipper Clipper (and other amazing nail care products) and business partner of Lord Sugar.

I’m especially pleased to win Video of the Month with a film created for Stylfile as they are firm believers in the value of commissioning a video and fully understand the important role it plays in search engine optimisation.  This video diary is featured on Stylfile’s YouTube channel (alongside other video films created for them by Video Artisan) which is central to their video marketing efforts.

Video of the Month x 3

This is the third time that Video Artisan has won VOTM since it was launched in 2013.  The two other winning entries are ‘Eiger Safety – Musical Short‘ and ‘Same-Sex Dance Festival‘.

This reminded me that I needed to produce a new credit sequence for Video Artisan – which proved to be a really good test for Vistitle which I’m in the middle of reviewing (to be published here soon!).  Nothing too overstated – but nice to be able to shout about winning an award or two (or five if you include 2nd place in the 2012 Best Doc category of the IOV Awards!)


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