Delivering VHS to DVD flyers

I’ve been killing two birds with one stone for the past week – 1/ Getting the message out locally about our VHS to DVD conversion services and, 2/ Getting some exercise in!  Delivering flyers has never been so beneficial.

VHS to DVD flyer
Save my legs – download your PDF copy by clicking the above

The flyers were printed by my dear friends at N2 Visual Communications, but all the setting out and wording was done by yours truly.  I know its not the most amazing piece of printed literature or wonderful prose, but it is to the point.  It’s great having the knowledge on how to prepare such a thing for print as it can save me a packet!  I’m also not adverse to doing this kind of thing for other companies too if you are in need.

Just to prove hand-delivered flyers still work, the phone started ringing almost immediately!  It’s not all VHS to DVD though as I’ve got standards conversions, DVD duplication, cine to video and editing work so far – and all within the local confines of Loughton, Debden, Buckhurst Hill, Woodford and Chigwell.  Essex is obviously in need of me!