Another morning filming in Central London

Filming in Central London is always a pleasure, but the morning of 13th July was a truly glorious day to have rescheduled the shoot for St James’s Church in Piccadilly.

A well-known landmark on London's Piccadilly - St James's Church
The perfect day to be shooting in Central London

Blue sky, the occasional fluffy cloud and not too hot – a far cry from the other days we had scheduled in to shoot this location.  It really was a fine day to be up on a roof shooting the guys from Eiger Safety doing a routine inspection of the clock tower they had recently helped renovate.

I’m sure the Eiger chaps have become a little complacent about the places they get to work in (or should I say “on”) – but for me its a real privilege. I’m sure they think I’m a little slow off the blocks when it comes to getting the filming job done but for the first few minutes I’m just gawking at the view.

Up on the roof at St James's Church Piccadilly
Going over the edge of St James’s Church clock tower

There’s only one filming location left on the Eiger project now – namely the guys working the chains on the Clifton Suspension Bridge at Bristol.  That’s coming up in a couple of weeks and, thankfully, I should be filming most of it from a cherry picker platform.  However, there’s also some talk of filming some of their fabrication works at the Force India F1 team works – which will be very interesting if it comes off.

Really looking forward to getting this on the edit suite – but equally hope that I’m soon back filming in Central London very soon!


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