New website section on VHS to DVD conversion


Having had a comparatively slow couple of days this week it has given me time to get a more detailed information page together on my VHS to DVD conversion services.

VHS to DVD conversion services
Mind out, your VHS machine might want to chew up your precious memories!!!

Though some conversions had already started filtering through from my original “passing mention” on my facilities page, I really wanted to get something more substantial together as VHS to DVD is one of those services that’s just getting bigger and bigger.  I’m also geared up for many other video and file conversions – and if I can’t do it myself I certainly know someone who can!

VHS to DVD disc
Convert your VHS to DVD before its too late

When I first got involved in the video business back in 1985 it was all Cine to Video conversions (which I can still do).  Over the years I’ve converted many thousands of feet of cine film, stacks of 35mm slides and just about every other form of redundant media to the current day media.  Whilst this has mainly been for the home market I’ve also carried out many conversions for businesses and local authorities.

We’ve now reached a point where people’s VHS machines are dying, tapes are breaking up and all those precious memories are at risk of being lost forever.  Whilst we were all led to believe that VHS recordings were going to last for hundreds of years the truth is that poor handling, storage and (most commonly) defective players can swiftly bring an end to the images and sound recorded on videotape.  Once lost there is very little you can do to bring them back – so getting them converted to DVD is a great way to archive them and enable today’s generation to enjoy the wonders of the past.

Get the low-down on our VHS to DVD services

See – not only am I a great videographer but I’m also a bit of a superhero too!!!  Contact me today for more details or simply check out the VHS to DVD section in the main menu above.  Please also contact me if you have any other conversion, duplication or specialist media requirements.