It’s not all web video for Supadance

I’ve just completed my 3rd video for Supadance – and this time it’s not a web video!

Supadance commission a 30-second commercial
Supadance – big believers in the power of video!

Having produced the Blackpool Dance Festival web video for them last month I wasn’t expecting any more commissions from Supadance until the end of the year – so I was chuffed to get the call asking me to cut a 30-second advertising film for them.

Whilst both previous commissions have been used off-web too, their main purpose was for online delivery as part of their website and those of their dealer network.  They are also building their own YouTube presence too so every video ends up adding to their search engine visibility.  They really understand the fact that if you have web video content on your site (properly tagged) then you will rank higher than those that don’t… Simples!!!

This 30-second video was for an advertising slot they have booked on the screens playing at the German Open Championships in Stuttgart – for which they are one of the main sponsoring companies.  I’ve no doubt that it will be used online too, but the main distribution for this video was for large screen playback.  The brief was to further augment their brand as the leading manufacturer of dance shoes and to further establish them as a London/UK-based manufacturer.  The video would have no narration, should be cut to music, be attention-grabbing and include visuals of their factory and dancers in competition action.  In the words of the client – “Every second must count!”

It was great fun to produce and the client was chuffed with the result.  Their German office also wanted a combination DVD to play at the event with all three Supadance films on it – so its looking like video is going to continue to play a major role in their marketing strategy going forward.

I hope the event is a great success for them and look forward to working with them again later this year.