Supadance at the Blackpool Dance Festival

My second film for Supadance was signed off this morning – this time a short cut to music to capture the buzz of their stand during at the Blackpool Dance Festival.

Supadance Sales at the Blackpool Dance Festival
Waiting up to an hour to buy your Supadance shoes. They must be worth it!

I was there for two days in total which gave me the chance to capture some of the dancing too.  After all – that is what it’s all about isn’t it?  It’s certainly seems to be what people from within the dance world want to see in any video aimed at them.

I had worried about tracking down the right music score and had lots of help from other videographers in my quest to find a suitable copyright-free Cha Cha track (what I thought they were dancing to).  To help me get on with the edit I used a Latin-style track I had in stock already although I wasn’t sure of its style (of if it had one!!).  My concern was that the dancers were dancing to something completely different and those in the know would spot this straight away.  I was wrong – the client said the Samba track I’d used fitted perfectly with the Samba dancing!  Hey ho – you live and you learn!

The upshot is there’s another two jobs for Supadance in the pipeline.  An alternate edit taken from the material of both videos I’ve produced for them so far and then back up to Blackpool in November to film a competition they sponsor.

What a great client!


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