Another Promotional Video rolled out

An example of a promotional video that was shot in one day, edited in two – and pretty much immediately signed off by the client with no major changes (other than correcting the spelling the MD’s name!).

I’ll not deny that this was a long day’s filming for a single-handed DSLR shoot – starting at about 7.30am and ending at about 8.30pm once all the files were downloaded off the cards – but it was all worth it.  One very happy customer who is now talking about two or three more videos and, more importantly, they are going to be incorporating my services within their offerings to their extensive client database.

If you could see my face now its looking like my name is ‘Mr. Chuffed’!

And, if you are looking for a visual communications company then you could get a lot, lot worse than N2.  A fantastic team of very talented and enthusiastic people to work with.


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