Video production stops blog!

I’m not ignoring you… honest!  Here’s a run down on what’s been keeping me away from my blogging duties for the past couple of weeks.

The Eiger Safety film is still going on though it has been hampered by bad weather and date clashes.  Having said that I’ve just packed my rucksack and I’m about to head down to the tube station as I’m filming the guys on the roof of St James’s Church in Piccadilly today.  Eiger worked on the church tower restoration there and its a fabulous building to get some material of.

Tomorrow I’m going back to Claridge’s with Eiger to film them showing the BBC how to work safely at height!  The Beeb are in the middle of producing a documentary about a year at Claridge’s and as Eiger are Claridge’s safety boys everything that’s filmed at height has to be done under their supervision.  Should be interesting!

The Beaver84 job is all done and dusted – apart from waiting to hear back from end client on delivery.  The brief on this job was to simply record an open day they were holding at their new branch in Cardiff but the weather was so appalling that only a handful of customers turned up – leaving me nothing much to capture on camera.  To save the day I shot a couple of interviews with the MD and branch manager and cut these together with some general views and shots of their yard area (in the few moments of relative dryness).  The cut is now more akin to a short video production about the branch which they can send out to those who were unable (or un-motived) to attend.  You never know – it might just have made all their hard work worthwhile.

There might be some final changes to be made – but I’ve just un-passworded the most recent version on Vimeo…

Last week was my busiest yet – where I completed the filming for the N2 Visual Communications promotional video.  This was an extremely knackering shoot which included interviewing key personnel from the three main divisions within the company, an interview with the MD plus general views around their offices, factory, design studio, large format print works and digital creation offices. This made me hot and tired but I’m gagging to get this one on the edit suite as it could lead on to much, much more work for me.

The week was finished off with my trip to the Blackpool Dance Festival at the Winter Gardens to film the Supadance stand in full frenzy when the doors opened for their sale.  It was, as they’d explained, total bonkers.  Worldwide recession… what recession?!

With some of their shoes selling at half their normal price dancers often save up and buy stacks of them at this event (the world’s largest dance festival) and then struggle to get them home.  “Home” could be pretty much anywhere on the planet as the event attracts a worldwide list of competitors – with a massive Far East and Eastern European contingent.  A whole new and different world to me – which I hope continue to learn about in the coming years.


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