IOV Award Short-list x 2!

When I started Video Artisan back in February this year I had drawn up a list of personal as well as business aims and objectives.  One of my personal aims was to win an IOV Award. This wasn’t a short term goal by any stretch of the imagination and not something I was thinking could happen in my first year back in the craft – but I did hope to one day be back in amongst the winners.

You can imagine how pleased I was to get the news yesterday that two of my entries in the 2012 competition have been short-listed amongst the top five in the Open and Documentary Categories! Whilst this is still someway short of actually winning an IOV Award I’m still one happy bunny this morning and really looking forward to finding out their final places on 13th November.

IOV Awards Shortlisted entries
Video Artisan Short-listed in the Open and Documentary IOV Award Categories

Supadance – Shoes for Dance (Best Open Category)

This was one of my first commissions after going solo and is essentially a day in the life of the Supadance shoe factory set to music.  Whilst there is an underlying aim to further establish Supadance as world-leading, London-based manufacturer of ballroom and Latin dance shoes, it’s other objective was to create something eye catching and entertaining for them to use on their website and at exhibitions.  It’s what I like to refer to as ‘eye candy’.

Bees & Wasps (Best Documentary)

In case you have not picked up on this up so far, outside of the world of video production I’m also a keen apiarist (beekeeper).  This started about 7-years ago and I knew that one day these worlds would collide and I’d start making short films about beekeeping and the honey bee itself.  They are a fascinating creature and there’s so many aspects of keeping bees that lend themselves to making documentaries about them.  One of the first attempts (and part of the website) was to reveal the differences and relationship between the honey bee and wasps (AKA Leather Jacket).

IOV Awards Night

After having spent the last 17-years on the other side of the IOV awards as one of its main organisers I now understand the joy and anxiety the participants and recipients went through each year.  I know how tough the competition is so I really wasn’t expecting to get this far – but now I’m short-listed I’m really looking forward to the atmosphere 17th.  I want to win of course – but regardless of where I come in either category right now I think I’ve made an amazing achievement in a very short time.  Well done me!


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