Producing a Video Selfie for your business

Video Selfie
The story behind our Video Selfie

I’ve finally managed to do a video selfie for Video Artisan this week. Okay, it’s really an ‘Elevator Pitch’ as titled, but I thought I should get a link in whilst there’s still all this talk about ‘Selfies’ going around.

It all started with an invite to a breakfast BNI meeting where I was asked to give a 45-second presentation of my business. We tend to speak around three words per second so the presentation was only to run to 135 words at the most. Simple enough one would think – but presentation was to nearly 60 potential clients so I wanted it to be all the C’s which they say a great elevator pitch should be…

  • 1 – Concise
  • 2 – Clear
  • 3 – Compelling
  • 4 – Credible
  • 5 – Conceptual
  • 6 – Concrete
  • 7 – Customized
  • 8 – Consistent
  • 9 – Conversational

Video Selfie aide-memoire

Having written out and timed my presentation I then set about getting it into my head – and for me that’s often a challenge. One of the most successful ways for me to remember things like this is to record it and play in back again and again so I thought why not go one stage further and film myself giving the presentation using my mobile phone – and then edit the best takes into a complete presentation. The editing process alone would also be helpful in learning the words and seeing me on screen should help with perfecting my delivery.

I did that, and whilst it helped me get the presentation in my head it also inspired me to do something a little more polished. The version above that’s been released this week is actually version three. Version two was an attempt at shooting it greenscreen but I didn’t like the look and feel of that; it was far too clinical. It did prove to me though that I do have just enough room in the edit suite to set up a greenscreen set – albeit that I can’t flap my arms about too much!

Early versions of the Video Selfie
Early versions of the Video Selfie

The BNI presentation went well by the way. You never know exactly where this kind of thing leads to as video production is not the kind of service which people rush to you for the moment they know you provide it. Let’s just say that the seed was sown and there are now at least 60 more businesses who know that I’m here and what I provide.

Of course you never get invited as a guest to a BNI meeting without them trying to sign you up as a member. I was tempted, and I can see how the BNI model could work for a business – but the commitment in time made it impossible for me to sign up. Things might change in the future who knows?

More than just a Video Selfie

Having finally got my video selfie out there I can imagine there are lots of other businesses who can see the value in doing something similar and, like me, want something that’s a little bit beyond what’s achievable on your mobile phone.

The benefits of a video selfie for your business are numerous, but above everything they’re a great way of revealing personalities behind the business. People buy from people, so giving potential customers the opportunity to see who they are going to be dealing with can’t be a bad thing. More often than not they’ll get to meet you eventually so there’s no point in hiding yourself away.

Video Selfie wide
Using a Video Selfie to sell… you!

The other major benefit of a video selfie for your business is that it should help with your search engine optimisation (it’s already helping ours). This of course relies on the video being properly titled, tagged and described – all of which is part of the service we offer our clients on every film we produce to ensure the video reaches its full potential. And let’s not forget what I say in my video selfie… having video content is now vital in achieving a complete search engine presence.

How much would a Video Selfie cost?

Assuming you’ve written your presentation and rehearsed it, shooting something like this would take a couple of hours – and probably twice that to edit and master. If you are local to Loughton that would be within our day rate (see rate card here) – but like any other work we carry out it’s always best to have a chat with us first so we can go through the options. It might be that you’ll want a little more than a Video Selfie after all.