Video production cost – what’s the big secret?

“How much does a corporate video production cost?”, has to be one of the toughest questions to answer for any video production company – maybe even harder than explaining the meaning of life itself! OK – that is an exaggeration – but for us at the receiving end this question it is a classic case of, “how long is a piece of string?”

Before we find out how long that piece of string is let’s take a couple of steps back and look at why you are probably asking this question. The most likely answer is that you or someone in your organisation has come to the conclusion that a video will help you solve a problem or provide a better solution to something within your business. The chances are you are right. You have probably also seen a YouTube video production or two – and certainly noticed the massive rise in website video production in general. Video is a great means of communication and forms a vital part of modern online branding, search engine optimisation and promotion. I probably don’t need to go on about the benefits of video as you’ve already come to that conclusion.

For those who need convincing have a watch of the short film “The five killer benefits of online video production” For those that don’t, read on!

Come on… give me the video production cost!

The quick answer is… a short online video production might only cost a few hundred pounds to produce and deliver – but equally it might also cost tens of thousands of pounds! Video production companies who give you a definitive answer at this point are only kidding you and kidding themselves – or they are simply churning out the same old formulaic videos for each and every job they produce without any consideration or care for what you are trying to achieve.

If you are simply looking for a ballpark figure the only one we can give you is that most of the work we produce is within a range of £2,000 to £10,000. However, we’re not averse to working on budgets higher than this (and have contacts for commissions at the very highest level) – and can equally understand that some films might be able to be produced for somewhat less than £2,000.

If you want to see what a £2,000 investment can give you then please watch this short film we produced for N2 Visual Communications. This was shot in a day and edited in two.

Getting to the best price and result

In an ideal world a client will come to us with a clearly defined objective and a specific budget. This way we can tailor a video perfectly to their requirements. But that rarely happens.

The first skill of the video producer is to help their clients define their objectives and set a budget that will make video an irresistible proposition. This can only come about through proper consultation so the first aim we will have is to set up a meeting to discover your hopes, dreams and desires for the video. We will then come up with a creative proposal based on these requirements at a level of investment that will make the video production cost effective for you.

Your next forward step…

Call or email us today and we’d love to come and talk you through the process and discover your video production cost. You’ll soon find out why commissioning a video can be fun, rewarding and profitable.

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